Welcome to HST 101 OL1. My name is Margaret Stevens and we will be together for the next 7 weeks or so.  This is an ancient history course starting with the question of human evolution and moving into the period just before "1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue :-)".  In this course we are thinking deeply and carefully through some of the key factors that have made us "human" over the past 150,000 years, focusing primarily on the past 8,000 years of history. We question everything in this class and take nothing for granted. Evidence in our thinking is critical. This is not a course where we log on, make a comment, and go back to our lives. We read the material, watch the videos, reflect and then speak or write or take a quiz. 

I have been teaching at ECC for 10 years...it's my second home. I'm a Newark native but I went on and got a Ph.D. and have returned home to teach, so it means a lot to me. Dont take this course lightly, but do not stress and be overly neurotic. I check emails once or twice a day and generally respond to messages between 7 and 9am in the morning. That is also a good time for you to give me a call if you have questions. Send me one email--one email with all of your questions--or message me once. Do not send a billion messages for different queries. Focus your questions and condense them, this way I can focus on your issues.