Hello Class,

Welcome to Bus 101 003 Business Organization and Management. We will be studying online, so you will be required to manage your time in order to get your assignments completed. We will be using zoom, email, and the message center to communicate during the semester. Zoom sessions will be held during class time for instruction and communication. Please make the effort to attend, it will lead to success. Studying online is not difficult, it just means that you will be your own supervisor, so you will have to discipline yourself to get your assignments completed every week in the time allotted. Set aside time every day to do your schoolwork and stick to it. Online learning gives you flexibility in planning your life.

COVID-19 has put a strain on the education process, but we must push forward to achieve our goals. Together we will be stronger and will overcome all challenges. Please copy and paste the URL below into your browser for viewing.


The course offers a concise overview of the world of Business. Emphasis is placed on the following topics:  entrepreneurship, business, management, production, economics, ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, finance, and the financial system, marketing, human resources, and the effect of government on business.